4100 Georgia

Now you can...
truly afford the DC life

Affordable living has a whole new look. At The Residences at Georgia Avenue, you'll find brand new, wonderfully spacious one and two-bedroom apartments with all the features and amenities you've desired. Qualifying is easier than you think.


One-bedrooms for $1,235 a month
Two-bedrooms for $1,495 a month

Qualify by making no more than:

$51,000 for one-person
$58,260 for a two-person household
$65,520 for a three-person household
$72,780 for a four-person household

And make no less than:

$43,225 per household for a one-bedroom
$52,325 per household for a two-bedroom

Full-time student households will need to meet certain criteria to qualify.

close-up photo of couple

are you qualified?

Qualify today and come see these one and two-bedroom Washington, DC, apartments that are changing the way you can live in the city.